KHANYA was formed in 2015 as a result of a supplier development initiative by MAC Consulting, a Rosebank-based management consultancy. Over the last 22 years, MAC Consulting has become a leading management consulting firm in South Africa. In recent years, the firm has increasingly recognised the value in not only outsourcing the contractor management component of their payroll, but also doing so to a 51% black owned firm, as part of their BEE strategy. They therefore committed to assisting two carefully selected black entrepreneurs in building a contractor management firm, the first of its kind in South Africa aimed at professional services specifically. With MAC Consulting as KHANYA’s first client, we have, over the last year, successfully expanded our client and contractor base to include MAC International, Delivert, Blue Label, Hill, Fuel, The Core Group, and Transcend.


Khanya, v. Be light (i.e. not dark), as in the day-time, or in a lighted room; give light, lighten, as the sun, or a lamp in a dark room; shine, be bright, as burnished metal, a polished boot, a glossy horse, or any bright coloured article; be transparent i.e. permitting light through, as a piece of glass, a loose-textured cloth, or a loosely thatched hut; be clear, distinct, plain, as the paths over a newly-burnt patch of veldt,
or a point of argument.

Definition taken from “A Zulu-English dictionary”, written by Alfred T. Bryant, a missionary in
Zululand and Natal, Published by the Mariannhill Mission Press, 1905.